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Equality Impact Assessment Training

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Content Last Updated: January 2024 

Suitable for:   All involved with completion or supervising people who complete 

Group Size:   12 Delegates



Equality Impact Assessment Training

McKenzie provide modern, interactive and practical development events to impart the necessary technical knowledge, skills and confidence required to effectively complete an Equality Impact Analysis or Impact Assessment. 

We also provide technical guidance notes, resources, tools information and if required, template Equality Impact Assessment documentation developed to reflect the very latest approaches in this area.

McKenzie has worked in the area of Equality Impact Assessments or Analysis since 2001 and have comprehensive experience of both external completion and providing development solutions within our partner organisations.


The Importance of Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs)

Equality Analysis Training

If you are new to the area of EqIAs, you may find our on line resources page useful. Please click here to visit this section of our website. We have also provided further information and links within the Resources section of this page.

If you have previously worked with Equality Impact Assessments, you will probably be aware that effective completion is not necessarily straightforward.

A unique combination of technical knowledge and analytical skills are often required to accurately identify potential risks of inequalities within polices, procedures and functions. 

What is also often also unclear is the perennial “how far should I go” in respect of both considering issues of equality and implementing adjustments to ensure equality of access and opportunity.


How Can McKenzie Help ?   

Equality Impact Assessment Training CourseApproaches to the completion of Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) have changed in recent years. We can provide practical and interactive training to ensure all EqIAs are completed thoroughly /  proportionally in your organisation and are produced to reflect the very latest thinking and approaches in this area.  

We acknowledge that the subject area may be perceived by some as a potentially ‘dry’. We have therefore designed modern, energetic, interactive and memorable approaches to ensure delegates enjoy their learning experience and are able to apply all learning practically on their return to the workplace.


Event Style:neuro diversity training

All events are facilitated by senior McKenzie consultants who have extensive experience of EqIAs – both completing on behalf of our partner organisations and designing/facilitating specialist development events. Our style is modern, engaging, interactive and fun.


Example Course Content: Diversity Training

This will obviously vary depending your exact organisational needs and previous progress within this area. We list below examples of areas we often explore when designing and delivering Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) training events for our partner organisations:

  • Definition of EqIAs and why they are used

  • Organisational benefits of completing EqIAs  – both internally (employment) and externally (service and community perspectives)

  • Historical examples of unknown indirect discrimination being identified by the EqIA process

  • Interactive electronic quiz exploring key facts relating to EqIAs

  • Skills and techniques to perform Initial Screenings

  • Practical screening exercises using tablet computers to analyse real policy decisions

  • Identifying different types of discrimination e.g. Direct, Indirect etc.

  • Key phraseology and example terminology to use when completing an EqIA

  • Examples of best practice completed EqIAs

  • The role of EqIAs in commissioning, procurement and outsourcing

  • Practical Full Assessment exercise using a live organisational policy

  • Key resources and signposts

  • Use of Equality information as part of EqIA completion

  • Golden rules for effective EqIA completion


Example Resources:

Example Smart Questions Tool: (c) 2023 McKenzie LLP



Example Checklist for Success (c) 2023 McKenzie LLP:


We have also recently produced a 22 page document Completing an Equality Analysis a written guide which can be made available to delegates following attendance on a McKenzie training event.



Previous Customers:  

Recent customers choosing to work with McKenzie in this area include:

The Disclosure and Barring Service, The Law Society, Capita, The National Fire Chiefs Council, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, The NHS, The BBC, Ofgem, The Department of Health, The Care Quality Commission, Tower Hamlets Council, Northwards Housing, Aberdeen City Council, Kent County Council, Leicester County Council, Essex County Council, Portsmouth City Council, Oxford CCG, The National Patient Safety Agency, YMCA England, The General Medical Council, Horsham District Council, Norwich City Council, Symphony Housing Group, Jephson Housing Group, Victory Housing Trust and more.


McKenzie Resources:

MCKENZIE RESOURCESDownload an example session plan from a full day EqIA training event:


Existing McKenzie customers can download our latest EqIA documentation Version 15.0 January 2023. Note your password is required to open this document.

EqIA Template 2020 Version 14.0 

Read the very latest guidance published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission relating to the Public Sector Equality Duty – including guidance on assessing impact. Download the document here for free:



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