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Equality and Diversity Consultancy Options

Diversity Training

We offer a full range of bespoke Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy options.

Whether you are at the very beginning and looking to develop a bespoke strategy, training and action plan or looking to undertake a professional external gap analysis on existing approaches, we can supply experienced, knowledgeable subject matter experts to work in partnership with you.

This includes areas such as training, policies, accessibility, web site, procurement, marketing, Equality Analysis and statutory / regulatory compliance.   


McKenzie Can:

■  Meet with you to discuss your specific organisational requirements

■  Undertake a free assessment using our auditing and assessment tools

■  Assist with policy development

■  Prepare bespoke, measurable internal Equality and Diversity actions plans

■  Prepare internal learning and development plans

■  Design and deliver bespoke training and development initiatives 

■  Demonstrate examples of successful initiatives and outcomes 

■  Explore options for conducting an external audit or gap analysis

■  Advise on the completion of a gap analysis

■  Discuss potential development options

■  Demonstrate / explain our tools and best practice models 


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