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Virtual Learning Options:

MCKENZIE VIRTUAL LEARNINGAll McKenzie training and development programmes are now available as virtual learning events.

This allows delegates to complete all of our training programmes from home or other remote location. This is, of course, particularly beneficial and practical given increased levels of home working in 2021.


10 Features of McKenzie Virtual Learning

Delegates attending a virtual McKenzie event can:

1: View the course PowerPoint  slides, in full screen, in high quality video, with animations and stereo sound in exactly the same way they would view the presentation on a large TV screen in a training or conference room.

2: Watch and listen to the McKenzie facilitator presenting the course in the Virtual Training Room. We operate a strict ‘Microphone mute when not speaking’ policy which means you generally only hear one or two people speaking at any one time resulting in a civilised learning experience with no annoying background noises. 

EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY ELEARNING3: Ask questions of both the event facilitator and other delegates in attendance in the Virtual Training Room.

4: See and hear other course delegates in the Virtual Training Room.   

5: Complete individual and syndicate exercises to allow practical application of learning using copies of event materials previously e-mailed to delegates.

virtual equality and diversity training 20206:  Complete pre and post course work.

7:  Speak to the course facilitator outside of the event, on a one to one basis, to deal with individual queries.

8: Receive an electronic copy of all event materials, slides and exercises.

9:  Complete individual learning activities between modules. (Most McKenzie virtual learning is undertaken in two or more modules).

Equality and Diversity virtual learning10: Complete the course from home or other remote location using a computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Please contact us for further details. Alternatively, you can download our new two page guide detailing our approaches to virtual learning here:

McKenzie Virtual Learning


imagesE – Learning:

McKenzie can provide both resource and technical expertise to support you in developing bespoke, professional and engaging  e-learning programmes on a variety of different topics relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 



  • Equality and Diversity Induction materials
  • Disability awareness
  • Gender Identity awareness
  • Neuro Diversity – Introduction 
  • Inclusive Language
  • Cross Cultural Working 
  • Unconscious Bias



We can either create a fully developed package compatible with your own learning management system or supply professionally developed expert content and images for your internal design teams to add to your own e-learning platform. 

Please contact us for more information.


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