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Equality and Diversity Consultants: Diagnostic Questionnaires


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McKenzie have considerable experience of developing Equality and Diversity related surveys, questionnaires and tools to measure how approaches to Dignity at Work, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are currently perceived in your organisation. 


We have previously worked with our partner organisations to conduct research / collect information in a number of different ways. This includes:

  • Conducting one to one interviews – both face to face and confidential telephone interviews

  • Designing, implementing and reporting of on line surveys and questionnaires

  • Facilitating staff discussion groups

  • Designing webinar, web cast and other on line surveying events

  • Conducting external reviews and investigations in respect of perceived bullying, harassment and discrimination


Complete Business to Business Service: 

McKenzie provide a unique end to end business service and can manage all projects, surveys and external reviews completely confidentially. We have a dedicated anonymous on line reporting system, generic e-mail addresses and confidential telephone contacts to collect data completely anonymously and report the same to your organisation. EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY EMPLOYEE SURVEY




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