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Equality and Diversity Consultancy: NHS Equality Delivery System 2


McKenzie has extensive healthcare experience – working with a number of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) to develop innovative approaches to achieve the requirements of the Equality Delivery System (EDS2). We have also worked comprehensively with a number of relevant regulatory bodies including The Care Quality Commission, The General Medical Council and The Department of Health. 

EDS2 Summary Requirements:

Here is the McKenzie model summarising EDS2 requirements and outcomes:


Summary of NHS EDS2 Requirements © 2016 McKenzie LLP

McKenzie can work with you to develop your approaches to EDS2 in a number of different ways in your CCG or practice. This includes: 

■  Providing comprehensive Equality Analysis tools, templates and guidance 

■  Advising on expert systems and processes to facilitate proportionate data capture, analysis and reporting for patients and employees across the range of ‘protected characteristics’ 

■  Chairing or facilitating local stakeholder engagement events 

■  Advising on the development of tools and metrics to appraise and measure patient access and outcomes 

■  Sharing examples of excellence drawn from other organisations and CCG’s  

■  Design interactive training for managers and staff in respect of EDS2

■  Assist with successful local consultation / stakeholder engagement

■  Provide expertise to clinical commissioning and procurement teams

  Provide expertise/systems to allow the collection and analysis of patient data

■  Deliver briefings to senior teams and board members

■ Undertake the work required to achieved EDS2 compliance on either a project basis or daily rate 


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For further information about how we could work with you in this area, please contact us.



A very useful document has been published by the NHS constitution explaining approaches, requirements and outcomes of EDS2. Download it for free by clicking on the link below:



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