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Neuro Diversity Awareness

Web site Virtual Learning ButtonDuration:         One Day. 

Content:          Last Updated: 2020

Suitable for:    All Managers and Staff

Group size:     12 Delegates 

Delivered to:   Mixed delegates / teams


Overview:   What is Neuro Diversity ?

neuro diversity training

Neuro Diversity is, expressed in simplistic terms two things:

1: Recognising and understanding some of the common differences in brain functioning that exist amongst people.

2: Embracing these differences by focusing on the strengths Neuro Diverse people bring to the world or workplace rather than focusing on limitations. 


neuro diversity training 2As a professional diversity consultancy, we have worked in the areas of disability and neurodiversity since 1996 and have subsequently developed practical, engaging and enabling training materials, exercises and information to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise, understand, and embrace neurodivergence in the workplace.

The overall aims of this event is to firstly impart the necessary knowledge required to understand the common aspects of Neuro Diversity but more importantly, the skills and confidence to think laterally about how the workplace, policies and activities can be adjusted slightly to allow Neuro Diversity to flourish in your organisation and not dwindle.

This is a particularly relevant consideration in recruitment by focusing on what a person can rather than cannot do.


Event Content:

  • Definitions of Equality, Diversity, Neuro Typical, Neuro Divergence and Inclusivity

  • Common types of Neuro Diversity including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Dyscalculia, and OCD

  • Examples of famous and successful people who are / were Neuro Diverse

  • Through the eyes of Neuro Diverse people – common perspectives and barriers experienced

  • Barriers and enablers to embracing Neuro Diveristy

  • Facts relating to Neuro Diversity via an interactive, electronic quiz

  • Examples of exemplar practice including tools for encouraging greater workplace declaration

  • Case study analysis

  • Neurodiversity toolkit – tools, skills, behaviours and language for success

  • Common practical workplace adjustments

  • Appropriate terminology and language

  • Business benefits of embracing Neuro Diversity

  • Signposts, resources and further reading

Event Style: Dignity at Work Training

Modern, interactive and engaging event presented by a highly experienced subject matter expert. 


Example Materials:

A small number of example slides from a recent event:











neurodiversity #3






neuro diversity #4



An excellent research publication from ACAS produced by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research exploring Neurodiversity at work.

Download a copy here:

Neurodiversity at Work Report



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