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Equality and Diversity Training: Recruitment

Web site Virtual Learning ButtonDuration:          One Day

Content:           Last Updated: May 2020 

Suitable for:     All involved with the process of recruitment

Group Size:      12 Delegates

Delivery style:  Modern and interactive    



Diversity in Recruitment CourseEquality, Diversity and Inclusion are key considerations in any organisation in respect of recruitment. The considerations extend to the entire recruitment process from placing and wording advertisements, drafting interview questions and conducting the interview / selection process itself. 

In 2020, whilst the diversity of job applicants continues to evolve, much confusion often still exists in respect of what you should and should not do (or ask) as part of the recruitment process. 


How can McKenzie help ? 

We provide a one day specialist workshop covering all aspects of Equality and Diversity as part of the recruitment process. Our interactive event is designed to impart the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviour and confidence required to successfully embrace Equality and Diversity as part of the recruitment process whilst promoting a modern and enlightened recruitment experience.

The event can be delivered as a public workshop or in-house where we will specifically tailor all approaches to reflect your own internal recruitment processes and procedures.


Example Course Content:  

Sample application form on tablet computer, man using tablet

  • The current and changing diverse profile of UK job applicants

  • Part time and full time differences by Gender, Race, Age and Disability

  • Equal pay reporting and Gender pay gap information

  • Examples of inclusive advertising and outreach initiatives

  • Examples of old fashioned and inappropriate advertising

  • Advice in respect of ‘blind’ shortlisting

  • Flexible working and job sharing consideration

  • Inclusive interview behaviours and language

  • The ‘double tick’ (disability) scheme

  • Making reasonable adjustments to interviewing and testing

  • Examples of outlawed recruitment questions

  • Examples of modern and inclusive interview questions

  • Linking questions to organisational competencies

  • Collecting and monitoring equality data

  • Interactive case analysis

  • Best practice toolkit and resources


Event Style:

Diversity Interviewing Skills

McKenzie provide a modern, interactive and practically focussed event. All events are facilitated by a senior Equality and Diversity consultant who also has comprehensive recruitment and selection experience.

Delegates receive electronic copies of all information and toolkits used during the event as post course learning resources. 


Please contact us to find out more about how we could work with you in this area. 

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