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Equality and Diversity Training: Cross Cultural Working

Duration:         One Day. 

Last Updated:  April 2020

Suitable for:    All working in a Cross Cultural / International environment

Delivery:         Now available as a virtual or remote event 


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Global organisations, teams, projects and goals are becoming increasingly common in UK organisations. The Diversity of teams, geography, timing and culture brings a new set of challenges to modern organisations. Understanding and embracing cross cultural working requires a unique combination of specialist knowledge, skills and confidence. Our recent departure from the EU in 2020 may also result in organisations developing new international relationships.


How Can McKenzie Help ?

As the leading UK Diversity consultancy, McKenzie specialise in cross cultural training. We offer a range of specialised development options which explore both generic cross cultural working and a number of specific cultures and regions (please see below).

Programme Content / Design:

Globe with clocks showing different time zones

Whilst we always work with our partner organisations to develop bespoke programmes to meet exact organisational needs, we list below, examples of the range of topics that can be explored during a cross cultural awareness development event. We stress these are examples only.   


Example Programme Content:  

  • Definition of Culture and why both ‘norms’ and ways of working are different in different parts of the world 

  • Key business benefits to organisations, teams and individuals in understanding and embracing cultural differences

  • Exploration of key communication differences – for example, spoken, electronic, in meeting rooms etc.

  • Key speed / ‘pace’ differences across cultures

  • Key skills and behaviours for getting things done. Embracing difference and overcoming key cultural barriers

  • Exploration of meeting room rules and etiquette – including greeting, seating, use of business cards and presentation tips 

  • Understanding of why attitudes and respect for both seniority and hierarchy differ considerably amongst different cultures

  • Exploration of ‘group’ versus ‘individualism’ orientation

  • Cultural gaffes explored

  • Why the work “yes” is not always an affirmative indicator when working in different countries

  • Body language and gesture considerations

  • Key project management skills for promoting effective global working and achieving  global outcomes


Areas of Specialism:

Whatever your global or cross cultural needs, McKenzie can work with you to design an effective programme of development. We only ever supply leading cross cultural expert consultants who are employed by us. 

By way of an example, we have recently worked with our partner organisation to deliver development programmes in the following areas: 

  • French and English cultures explored and explained 

  • Indian cultural awareness programmes

  • English and Chinese cultural working

  • Global working – A guide to embracing and promoting cultural understanding

  • American and Anglo cultures explored and explained

  • Cultural guide to working in India and Pakistan 


Example Materials:

Here is a very small example of some of our development materials:

Example Cultural Difference Model
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Example: Model of Essential Business Considerations
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Example Screenshots from our interactive quiz
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Training Style:

McKenzie deliver modern, highly interactive and engaging training events using the very latest technology – including tablet computers for delegates to maximise their learning experience. 

Please contact us to find out more and to discuss your exact requirements.  



Click the green link to download a recent example session plan INDIAN CULTURAL AWARENESS SESSION PLAN 2020


Click the green link for a PowerPoint presentation of our example models EXAMPLE MODELS


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