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Gender Identity Training

Web site Virtual Learning ButtonDuration:         Half Day. 

Content:          Last Updated: 2020

Suitable for:    All Managers and Staff

Group size:     12 Delegates 

Delivered to:   Teams or mixed delegates



Equality and Diversity Training

Non Binary ? Gender Fluid ? Pan Gender, Cis Gender ? Should I use the term Transsexual or Transgender ?

These are common questions we are asked by our partner organisations and whilst very important, they are of course, issues of terminology. 

Understanding how it feels to identify as a gender diverse person is a very important and relevant consideration in 2020. Being 100% clear about expectations – beyond just terminology –  including the differing requirements of trans customers and staff is a critical consideration in delivering inclusive services and employment. 

Using the very latest information and via detailed consultation with the LGBTQ+ communities, McKenzie offer a half day awareness workshop designed to provide very clear, practical guidance, information and resources in this area.

We have worked very hard to present a topic that many people find very confusing. This event is an ideal starting point for people wishing to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to promote trans inclusive behaviours, language, actions and services.


gender identity trainingEvent Content:

  • Why Gender Identity and LGBTQ considerations matter

  • Acceptable and correct LGBTQ+ terminology in 2020

  • The medical model including Gender Dysphoria and Gender transitioning

  • The legal model including trans phobia and harassment  

  • The social models including non binary, gender questioning and pan gender

  • The clear differences between biological sex, sexuality and gender identity / gender expression

  • Top tips for promoting gender neutrality in communications and service provision

  • Correct use of gender neutral pronouns in communications and documentation and top tips for information collection

  • Facts versus stereotypes relating to the UK LGBTQ+ community

  • LQBTQ Perspectives. Real world accounts from real trans people 

  • Real life case studies and examples of exemplar practice

  • Signposts, pathways and further reading

  • Tools for success


Event Facilitators:

A senior partner from McKenzie LLP who is an acknowledged Diversity and Inclusion expert and an optional guest speaker with a personal trans history. The event style is modern, interactive, engaging and fun.  




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GENDER IDENTITY TRAININGExample model from a programme of events recently delivered to GPs and practice staff within a NHS CCG.

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