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Procurement and Equality and Diversity Training

Web site Virtual Learning ButtonDuration:        One Day.

Content:         Updated: April 2020 

Suitable for:   All involved with the process of procurement

Group Size:    12 Delegates

Delivered to:   Two separate audiences (see below)


Diversity training public seminarAudience:

This programme is designed for two separate audiences: 

Contractors and suppliers wishing to develop or enhance their approaches to Equality and Diversity


Procurement teams developing Equality and Diversity criteria, competencies and measures for potential suppliers to be included within tendering or procurement requirements. 


Event Overview:

Equality and Diversity in ProcurementProcurement processes and requirements in respect of Equality and Diversity have changed considerably in recent years and have (thankfully) moved away from the perennial standard “Do you have an Equality and Diversity Policy Y/N ?” question. 

Modern and enlightened procurement professionals are now affording significant weightings in respect of Equality and Diversity ensuring that contracted organisations can both demonstrate desired values and share the responsibility of compliance in respect of statutory and legal duties.


How Can McKenzie Help ?  

Diversity and ProcurementMcKenzie provide modern, interactive and practical development events to both procurement professionals or suppliers wishing to demonstrate either compliance or seeking a competitive advantage by demonstrating excellence in the areas of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


Example Programme Content:

  • Exploration of how and why Equality and Diversity is included within procurement activities

  • Examples of best practice Pre Qualification Questionnaires

  • Example supplier competencies – Equality and Diversity

  • Example scoring criteria

  • Best practice models

  • Legislative overview including practical guidance in respect of the Equality Act Public Sector Duty

  • Toolkit of resources and signposts

  • Examples of best practice initiatives from a number organisations across a range of different sectors. (Suppliers and Procurement teams) 

  • Template Equality monitoring information documents 

  • Explanation of contingent liabilities

  • Factsheet and guidance notes

  • Measuring and demonstrating excellence

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McKenzie Resources:


View and example of supplier competencies here:

Example Supplier Competencies

View an extract from an example PQQ (picture below) 

OPENINGSHOW                 Example event materials: Pre Qualification Questionnaire

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