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Equality and Diversity Training: Customer Service

Web site Virtual Learning ButtonDuration:       One Day

Suitable for:  All Front Line Teams

Group Size:   12 Delegates

Updated:       May 2020 

Delivered to: Functional Teams or Mixed Delegates




Recognising and tailoring service propositions and maximising equality of access to meet the differing needs and expectations of diverse customers is now an essential consideration in many UK organisations.

As the demographic profile of the UK continues to change, so must the approaches and services provided by organisations.

Delivering services to diverse groups of people requires a combination of technical knowldge, skills, behaviour and confidence.


How Can McKenzie Help ?


As the leading UK Equality and Diversity specialists, we have comprehensive experience of working with our partner organisations to design, deliver and evaluate bespoke Equality and Diversity equality customer service development programmes. 

All events are designed and delivered by facilitators / consultants who have an expert background in Equality, Diversity and service / operations and are employed by McKenzie.


Example Programme Content: 

All events, by definition, have to be written and designed to match your own approaches, and procedures to customer service. We list below, for information, some general examples of the topics that could be included as part of a development event. We stress these are examples only.


Example Programme Topics: neuro diversity training

  • Analysis of the business benefits of embracing Equality and Diversity

  • Exploration of the changing profile of customers

  • Examples of how needs and expectations can differ by example Equality groups

  • Introduction to the concept of Reflective Diversity

  • Examples of best practice drawn from other UK organisations

  • Interactive case studies of initiatives and business outcomes

  • Exploration of common cross cultural differences 

  • Introduction to Unconcious Bias and Stereotyping

  • Exploration of your existing and potential customer base

  • Exploration of key knowledge, skills and behaviour required to tailor services

  • Toolkits, resources, signposts and further reading


Please contact us to discuss how McKenzie could work with you in this area.

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