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McKenzie Online Store: Equality and Diversity Materials


Welcome to the McKenzie on line store where you can purchase a number of Equality and Diversity related materials and products. This includes: 

■   Template Policy Documents (All revised / updated in April 2020) 

■   On line podcasts / webinars covering our full range of specialist areas 

■   E Books – including A guide to completing Equality Impact Analysis 

■   Gap Analysis and Auditing Framework Documents

■   Equality data collection and analysis templates 

■   Procurement and Commissioning documents – including PQQs 

■   Equality, Diversity and Dignity at Work questionnaires and surveys  


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Equality and Diversity in Procurement:

Example PQQ Download                 click here

Example Supplier Competencies   click here

Equality Impact Assessment / Analysis:

Latest EqIA Template         click here

EqIA Workbook                  click here

EqIA Timetable 2020          click here

Equality and Diversity Development:

Business Case – Presentation    click here

Development Models                  click here

Latest Equality Act Briefing        click here

Example Course Outline             click here

Social Housing – Guide                click here

Dignity at Work:

2020 Toolkit for Managers          click here

Latest research publications:

Aids and Adaptations Requirements in Social housing.

Author. Mike Burnitt Senior Partner   click here

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