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DIGNITY AT WORK CONSULTANTSMcKenzie are the leading UK Dignity at Work consultants and have worked with a large number of UK organisations in this area. This includes private, public, large and small companies – including government and regulatory bodies. 

Obviously, due to the nature of this topic, we will not be listing exactly who we have recently worked within in this area! For serious business enquiries, we would be delighted to place you in contact with organisations for whom we have successfully worked in partnership to achieve measurable and sustained dignity at work related outcomes and initiatives.    

How Can McKenzie Work with you ?

Whilst our work in this area varies, we typically work with our partner organisations in five ways:

  • Performing external reviews of perceived levels of bullying, harassment or discrimination at an organisational level. This includes conducting confidential interviews (telephone or face to face), performing staff consultations, using a blend of  consultancy options, reporting findings and detailing recommendations.

  • Designing and delivering interactive and engaging Dignity at Work training. For more information please see the training workshops section of our web site.

  • Developing up to date policy documents, guidance notes, reporting procedures and internal ‘champions’. 

  • Performing internal investigations of specific Dignity at Work related incidences and reporting outcomes.

  • Delivering one to one coaching in this area. For more information about this, please click here to go to the relevant page on our web site.   

McKenzie Consultancy and Expertise:   DIGNITY AT WORK CONSULTANT 2

  • We provide experienced, passionate subject matter experts to work with you in your organisation to identify issues and make detailed recommendations and further actions.

  • All training / consultancy is delivered by our own resident employed experts in this area.

  • For external organisational reviews, we can manage the project in its entirety by allowing people to contact us directly via a confidential e-mail address or dedicated telephone line. We can also reporting findings whilst protecting the anonymity of all involved. 

Please contact us to find out more about how we could work with you in this area.



ACAS have recently published an interesting document: Seeking better solutions – challenging bullying and harassment.

Download it for free here:


To find out more about Dignity at work related issues, please also the resources page of our web site.

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