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McKenzie is continuing to deliver training and development events virtually.

We are delighted to say it would appear that a combination of improved technological options and innovative approaches in developing an interactive and energetic virtual training experience has been a huge hit! From 2021 we also will be relaunching all public workshops as virtual events as well.

McKenzie Closes for two weeks over the festive period and we look forward to seeing you all next year.  


Home Working Can Mean Home Learning:

Equality and Diversity Virtual TrainingDuring this period of home working, it would appear that personal interest in learning and development is very high indeed. Also, accessing and completing virtual learning is considerably easier for many people at the moment given current working arrangements.

Please note that all existing McKenzie learning and development programmes are now available to all customers (old and new) as virtual development events. 



Further Information:

Exact details of our approaches to virtual learning are listed in our new two page briefing document which can be downloaded here:

McKenzie Virtual Learning

You can also download our recently published ten step guide to joining a McKenzie virtual event by clicking on the link below:

A Beginners Guide to Joining a McKenzie Virtual Event


Other News:


As a professional Equality and Diversity consultancy we pledge our 100% support to the Black Lives matter activities – enough said !


Our Critical Friend Service to paid subscribing customers continues to be available using existing contact methods. 

All McKenzie consultants are working from home during this period and will have access to e-mail. This includes our finance and procurement teams.


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Jo Denby says:

    Can we access Dignity at Work mentoring as well. Thanks Jo.

  2. Sally Carter - McKenzie says:

    Hello Jo. Yes you can using the usual number. Regards Sally.

  3. Jeanette Ryan says:

    Thank you for the information posted on the resources page – specially the Equality Impact Assessment stuff. Very useful.

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