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Equality and Diversity Consultancy – Preparing For Audits and Inspections:

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For some organisations, approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion can be part of formal audit and inspection criteria. This may be self assessment – for example the NHS EDS2 framework or external inspection e.g. Ofsted inspections in the education sector.

Some of our partner organisations ask for our help in demonstrating how they are meeting the requirements of The Equality Act Public Sector Duty 2011, whilst others commission us to develop and evidence best practice approaches in this area.   

Whatever your individual requirements, McKenzie has comprehensive experience of working with both UK regulators and our portfolio of partner organisations to develop strategic and measurable approaches, publish evidence of achievements and implement innovative projects and approaches to Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Dignity at Work.  

How Can McKenzie Work with you ? 

In an number of ways.This includes:  

  • Performing an external gap analysis / audit of current approaches

  • Developing an overarching Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan 

  • Collecting and publishing evidence of achievements

  • Supplying best practice approaches for data monitoring, analysis and collection

  • Advising on best practice approaches for Equality Impact Assessments 

  • Providing Equality Impact Assessment Training 

  • Performing accessibility (digital footprint) audits

  • Working in partnership with you to develop innovative new approaches 

  • Auditing policies and procedures

  • Design and facilitation of external consultation processes and events   

  • Provide model approaches to internal data collection – including employee surveys and diversity questionnaires

  • Prepare equality and diversity objectives 

  • Design and deliver interactive and engaging Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training and coaching. 

Our Regulatory Experience: 

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McKenzie has worked with a large number of regulatory bodies and this includes: The General Medical Council, The National Audit Office, The Care Quality Commission, The Institute For Charted Accountants (England and Wales) The Architects Registration Board, The Department of Health and The Law Society.

We have of course, also worked with a large number of our own partner organisations to help prepare for audits, inspections or to demonstrate compliance or best practice. This includes meeting both procurement and contracting criteria. 

We only ever supply experienced senior Equality and Diversity consultants to work with you who are employed by McKenzie and are passionate subject matter experts. Finally, all of our work is fully guaranteed in respect of technical accuracy, compliance and reflective of the very latest approaches and thinking in this area.  

Please contact us to find out more about how we could work with you in this area. 

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You may find the following publications useful which can all be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below:

The Social Housing Equality Framework    SHEF

Ofsted Common Inspection Framework     OFSTED

Equality Standard – Local Government      LOCAL GOV

NHS Equality Delivery System Guidance    EDS2

EHRC Public Sector Duty Guidance            EHRC PSD


Further information relating to the above publications are available from their respective authors which are:

Social Housing Equality Framework – Local Government Association

Common Inspection Framework – Ofsted

Equality Standard for Local Government – Local Government Association

NHS Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) NHS England

Public Sector Duty Guidance – Equality and Human Rights Commission

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