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Brexit – Equality and Diversity Implications – Factsheet


Brexit Equality Implications 2

Following the official decision and subsequent departure in 2020 from the E.U, this fact sheet explores the potential implications of Brexit in respect of Equality and Diversity.

We will examine changes to legislation, potential changes to workplace rights and the general affect on Diversity and Equality in Britain. 


The Legal Framework Equality and Diversity Law

Firstly, as many readers may be aware, the overarching Equality framework in the UK – The Equality Act 2010 is an act of UK parliament. Whilst it is was originally modelled on a number of European Union (EU) Equal Treatment Directives, it is effectively UK and not EU law.

To that end, we are not aware of any ‘Brexit’ related changes planned to The Equality Act. 

We do however predict a change to the Human Rights Act. Our departure from the EU will effectively end our relationship with the European Court of Justice. A much talked about ‘British Bill of Rights’ we believe, is a likely replacement.  We will keep you updated !


Workers Rights: Workers rights

It is true that many of the workers rights we have in the UK are modelled on EU directives. Take for example, paid holiday entitlement, the same rights for part time and full time staff in certain circumstances and of course, our discrimination framework (see above). 

What Brexit will bring for workers rights in exact terms is unknown. What we do know, is that in many cases, the UK has developed employment rights that exceed the current E.U. minimum. In other words, we have developed our own UK framework. We therefore find no reason to believe that any changes to workers rights are imminent in connection with Brexit.

We will, of course, also have to see what the Government ultimately decide both pro all formal Brexit negotiations and of course, unfortunately, Covid 19.  

Page last updated 31st March 2020.




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