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Dignity at Work Training

Duration:        One Day. Content last updated: March 2019

Suitable for:   Managers and team members 

Group Size:   12 Delegates. Can also be delivered as one to one coaching

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McKenzie provide a one day Dignity at Work training event designed to explore all aspects of workplace bullying and harassment. In 2019, this area continues to be an issue in many UK organisations. For the latest information on this, please see our resources page

We provide a range of interactive development options which typically detail:   

  • Definitions of Bullying, Harassment and Dignity at Work

  • How and why expectations of everyone in this area are changing  

  • The impact of social media in respect of Dignity at Work

  • How and why some language and behaviour previously considered acceptable, is now generally considered to be unacceptable

  • The clear difference between ‘strong management’, legitimate performance management and bullying and harassment

  • Recognising the signs of inappropriate behaviour and conduct in teams

  • Interactive case examples

  • Tools for success – including skills for holding difficult conversations and challenging behaviour

  • Tips and techniques for promoting Dignity at Work  – both at a team and individual level

Example Materials:

We always work with our partner organisations to develop bespoke and interactive development options. The materials shown below and the information contained within the Resources section of this page are provided as illustrative examples only.


McKenzie model of leaderships styles and passive aggressive bullying 

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Example Management Toolbox:

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Recent McKenzie Customers:

Recent customers choosing this event or one to one coaching include:

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, The Security Industry Authority, Care Quality Commission, Level 3 Communications, London and South Bank University, The Civil Service Sports (CSC), The NHS, The US Embassy (London) The Company of Biologists, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Royal Pharmaceutical of Great Britain, and more.




Discussion paper Seeking Better Solutions published by ACAS containing some interesting perspectives on workplace bullying. Download it for free here:


Document detailing how McKenzie could work with you in this area including example training outcomes. Download the document here:


View a small selection of PowerPoint slides from the introductory session of a recent Dignity at Work event. Download these here: