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Equality and Diversity Training – Strategic Development

Duration: One Day. Content last updated: April 2018  

Suitable for: Senior Management / Equality Project Teams

Group Size: 12 Delegates


Equality and Diversity Stratgic Development

Formulating an overarching strategy for the development of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is an essential consideration to allow everyone in your organisation to understand your collective goals, approaches and objectives in this area.

An Equality and Diversity Action Plan is another essential consideration in allowing  everyone to understand what is expected of them in this area.

Of course, formulating an Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan requires expertise, resources and time. 

How Can McKenzie Help ?

We have considerable experience of working with our partner organisations across all UK sectors, to provide training, consultancy, advice, tools and techniques to develop a strategic approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Example Approaches:


McKenzie can work with you in a number of different ways which include: 

  • Performing an external audit / gap analysis

  • Developing creative and innovative development approaches

  • Developing a measurable action plan

  • Advising on best practice

  • Auditing current approaches under a number of key strategic themes (please see our best practice model below)

  • Developing a robust and measurable business case for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion development – including returns and metrics

  • Providing training and coaching to your teams to raise awareness and provide knowledge, skills and confidence in this area.

  • Provide briefings for senior teams and board members  

McKenzie Consultants:

We only ever supply senior McKenzie consultants to work with you who are all experienced and passionate subject matter experts. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we would be delighted to supply details of partner organisations for whom we have worked within in this area.

Please contact us to find out more about how McKenzie could work with you.


McKenzie Resources:

MCKENZIE RESOURCESHere is an example of one of our models of best practice. This is often utilised as a framework for development using the eight key strategic themes.  

McKenzie Model of Strategic Development © 2018 McKenzie LLP

You may also download a copy of this model by clicking on the link below: 

Strategic Development Model