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NHS Equality Delivery System EDS2: Fact sheet

What is EDS2 ?

The Equality Delivery System (EDS2) was created by the NHS for the NHS and is designed to assist local NHS providers in improving their approaches to Equality and Diversity. It also helps providers to realise the overall NHS commitment to providing an Inclusive organisation that is fair and accessible to all.

EDS2 It is a generic tool and is designed to be used by all NHS providers, commissioners and commissioned organisations. Because the type of providers using EDS2 will vary considerably e.g. an ambulance service, community health provider, CCG etc. approaches, initiatives and outcomes are also likely to vary considerably.

EDS2How does EDS2 work ?

Firstly, there are four strategic themes. These are:

  • Better health outcomes

  • Improved patient access and experience

  • A represented and supported workforce

  • Inclusive Leadership

There are also 18 separate goals and outcomes related to the above themes. The exact details of the themes, goals and outcomes  are available from the NHS and the links are provided in the signposts section at the bottom of this page.

EDS2 Ratings:

Providers are required to provide demonstrable evidence of their approaches to the above goals and outcomes which will ultimately place them in one of four categories or ratings: Underdeveloped, Developing, Achieving or Excelling.

How Can McKenzie Work With You ? 

McKenzie has comprehensive healthcare experience. For example, we have previously provided Equality and Diversity consultancy to The Care Quality Commission, The General Medical Council, The General Pharmaceutical Society, The Department of Health and a large number of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Primary Care Trusts.

We can provide consultancy, support and expertise to help you plan, assess review and improve your EDS2 ratings and outcomes.

Here is the McKenzie best practice model for EDS2. This is our summary model and is not intended to be a definitive guide.NHS Equality Delivery System

McKenzie can also work with you to:

  • Provide training or one to one coaching to your Equality and Diversity leads, teams or steering groups

  • Design, manage and facilitate patient consultation events

  • Conduct equal pay audits

  • Provide advice on the collection, monitoring and analysis of equality data – patients, service users and employees

  • Provide a proportionality matrix to suit all organisations – from major PLCs to one person operations

  • Provide advice, coaching and training in respect of performing Equality Analysis / Impact Assessments

  • Undertake an external audit / gap analysis of current initiatives, equality objectives and action plans

  • Provide Equality and Diversity strategic development events for senior teams, directors and board members

  • Provide Equality, Diversity and Dignity at Work refresher training for managers and staff

Please contact us to find out more about how McKenzie could work with you in this area.

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