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Dignity at Work: Factsheet

What is Dignity at Work ?

Dignity at Work is a generic term used by many organisations to define the behaviours required by all employees to prevent / eliminate workplace bullying and harassment and to create a working environment where individuals feel included and are treated with both dignity and respect.

Summary-changing workplace

Why is it important: 

At McKenzie, we believe seven key factors influence this area. These are:

1: The Changing Workplace – please see picture opposite.

2: Changing Expectations of Employees.

3: Changing Legislative Framework.

4: Changing Social Attitudes. Workplace behaviour and language that may have previously been considered acceptable which is considered unacceptable in 2016.

5: summary-changing leadershipTechnological Advances e.g. mass emergence of social media and electronic communications.

6: Changing Leadership Styles – please see picture opposite.

7: Knowledge, Skills and Confidence in Managers in differentiating between legitimate performance management issues and claims of bullying and harassment.


As you can see, there is a lot to keep up with ! Sometimes individuals or teams, can either fall behind or inadvertently behave in a way others may find old-fashioned, inappropriate or offensive.

How Can McKenzie Work With You ?

We are now in our twentieth year of providing support in this area to our partner organisations: We typically work in a number of different ways. This includes:

  • Performing external Dignity at work investigations – we can provide highly experienced interviewers and support staff

  • Designing and delivering engaging and interactive Dignity at Work training events for both managers and staff

  • Providing bespoke / tailored one to one coaching for managers or individuals who have experienced workplace difficulties

  • Development of Dignity at Work policies, procedures and guidance notes

  • Supply of developmental toolkits and guidance notes

Example development materials:

Dignity Scale

Dignity Discrimination

Dignity Tools












Please contact us to find out more about how McKenzie could work with you in this area.