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Equality and Diversity Consultants. Overview:

Consultancy Options:

McKenzie specialise in Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Dignity at Work consultancy.

Example Approaches:

Please read below to explore examples of how we could work in partnership with you. We stress these are examples only. Alternatively, please expand the Consultancy tab (click on the + sign) on the index of our web site index to explore more specialist options.


Example Consultancy Approaches:

McKenzie can:

■  Meet with you to discuss your specific organisational requirements

■  Undertake a free assessment using our auditing and assessment tools

■  Demonstrate examples of successful initiatives and outcomes 

■  Explore options for conducting an external audit or gap analysis

■  Advise on the completion of a gap analysis

■  Discuss potential development options

■  Demonstrate / explain our best practice models (see below) 


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