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Equality and Diversity – The Business Case: Overview


Before planning initiatives and development within the areas of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, one of the most frequently asked questions (we are asked) is:

Equality and Diversity Public Workshop Events

What is the business case for this ? 

Often, the second most frequently asked question is

How will we measure success and return on investment in this area ?

McKenzie can help you with the answer to both of these questions. Firstly, here is our business model for developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. It explores the high level business benefits of implementing new projects, policies, initiatives and approaches within six key strategic areas:


Specific Benefits by Strategic Themes:

If you require further information relating to the specific business benefits for each of the six strategic themes shown above, we have dedicated a page for each theme, within this section of our website. (please click the menu to the left of this page to access) . 

We of course, also acknowledge that developing a business case justification can often be both organisationally specific and related to your own specific objectives and strategies in this area. If required, we can work in partnership with you to produce an individual business case proposition with clear metrics and return on investment indicators. 

Model of Best Practice:

You may also find our model of best practice to be of use. This is the model we use when performing an external audit or gap analysis in our partner organisations. MCKENZIEBESTPRACTICEMODEL



Click below to download a short PowerPoint presentation which explores the business benefits of developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.